Telesco Construction gets the job done with a full range of integrated services that can take
your project all the way from inception to completion, or take care of that one area where you need
proven expertise and construction capabilities. In other words, we work in whatever way works best
for you – and we do it with a firm commitment to budget, scheduling and your absolute satisfaction.
Check out our services to see how we can deliver for you.


General Contracting


Owner Rep

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Insight into your build no drawing or CAD program can possibly deliver

Some projects are ultra-ambitious. They involve elaborate design and construction techniques that
require planning on a grand scale with absolute precision. BIM creates an exacting 3D model of your job, identifying every potential design issue, materials flaw, electrical miscue, plumbing problem and more – before you go to build.

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is the latest advancement in design/build technology. In a nutshell,  it creates a stunningly accurate 3D model of your build that details all the physical and functional aspects  of your project. We see where every pipe leads, where every conduit runs, and where every square foot  of material goes. We understand what each space is going to be used for, and get an awesomely realistic  vision of how everything falls into place—a representation conventional CAD cannot deliver.

Plus, using BIM, we can run build simulations before we break  ground that will identify any  potential  inconsistencies between design and construction. Issues that can’t be seen looking at  blueprints or CAD design, BIM catches every time.

BIM identifies the issues. We fix the problems. We enter the solutions into your BIM model and re-run the simulation. Only, when we get the green light do we begin your build, confident there will be no major issues along the way. Thanks to BIM, we avoided every one before you broke ground, and that’s a tremendous time, money and headache saver!

If you have a large-scale job, the investment in BIM will more than pay for itself.


Let’s meet to lock down materials, costs, scheduling and the right subcontractors

During preconstruction we pour over every deliverable to map out an optimized build plan. You’ll meet with Tom Telesco, architects, designers, and subcontractors to review options, pricing, sourcing, serviceability, and more. Together, we’ll make informed decisions that will streamline your build and deliver exactly what you envisioned.

Preconstruction can shed weeks if not months from your timetable. That’s because you and your Telesco team will have thoughtfully considered every option before a single nail is  pounded. We’ll go over every
major element – foundations, structural framing, façade, roofing, MEP, interiors, site development and more to identify potential issues before they become costly mistakes, and make best-practice decisions that will
provide a rock-solid roadmap for your build.

You’ll receive a detailed plan of what to expect, when to expect it, and exactly how much it’s going to cost, hand delivered to you by Tom Telesco. Your build will begin with everything in place and documented with a level of precision that’s just not possible unless you’ve invested the time to create a solid preconstruction program.

If your project is even slightly complex (and most are), preconstruction will help avoid surprises and control costs by defining deliverables down to every last detail. It’s the smart way to do things.
That’s why, if you haven’t already broken ground, we recommend sitting down with your
Telesco team first.

General Contracting

Telesco brings you more than $1 billion worth of South Florida construction experience

At the end of the day, the best architectural and design plans are only as great as the men and women  running your build. The vision becomes a reality when it’s in the hands of seasoned experts who know how to work with design teams and subcontractors; who’ve led ambitious jobs; and who stand with you ever step of the way.

Your build will be led by Tom Telesco, who’s successfully turned over some of the biggest jobs in
the history of Miami. There’s no second string here. Tom will meet with you regularly to answer questions, address new challenges and provide transparent performance reviews throughout your project.
He and our decision makers will be the leaders on your job site, making sure it meets our uncompromising standards for performance, safety, quality and craftsmanship. Any subcontractors we bring to the table will be fully vetted, having delivered for Telesco customers time and again.

You have the vision. Trust it to a General Contractor who goes the extra mile to understand it, embrace it and turn it into a reality. At Telesco, we hold ourselves accountable across the board and will do everything in our power to ensure your experience is a rewarding one.

Telesco is a Licensed and Insured General Contractor: #059551


Fully integrated architecture, design and construction services under a single roof

DIf your project is in the conceptual stages, take advantage of our turnkey Design/Build services.
Our in-house architects, designers and builders work seamlessly together, reviewing costs, plans,
feasibility and more, so you never find yourself running between firms to get answers. One contract.
One contact. One team getting the job done.

Telesco Design/Build services take you from concept through construction in the most cost-smart and cohesive manner possible. Our design and build teams work down the hall from one another. So they’re free to discuss materials, review plans, work through timing, and share valuable insight at a moment’s notice – not by scheduling a big meeting between multiple firms.

This adds up to tremendous cost and time savings. By operating as a single accountable unit, we’re able to deliver solid plans and scheduling without any ifs, ands, or buts about how your job is going to run.

Perhaps, most importantly, you enjoy a single point of contact throughout your entire job lifecycle.
No multiple players. No searching for answers. No shifting responsibility. As your single-source design/build partner, Telesco assumes full accountability for every aspect of your job, and that’s exactly how we like it.

Owner Rep

Telesco acts as your eyes, ears and problem solvers

You’ve hired an architect and a builder. But you don’t have the time or energy to manage them on
a daily basis. Let Tom Telesco and team act as your representatives. We’ll make sure every deliverable is met and every cost is accounted for by all your contracted partners. They answer to us. We answer to you.

Sure, we’d rather be your builder of record. However, hiring Telesco as your Owner Representative
is the next best thing. We’ll act on your behalf, value engineering your build to hold every contracted party accountable for their promises – timing, cost, quality, safety, you name it.

If someone isn’t performing up to expectations, we’ll make sure you’re aware and we’ll provide clear guidance for remedying the situation. If costs are spiraling out of control, we’ll bring them back
in check. If deadlines and deliverables are being missed, we’ll put an end to it with authority.
If safety isn’t being treated as a top priority, we’ll make it one.

The earlier you involve us, the better. If brought in from the outset, we’ll ensure your project stays on track from day one. However, drawing on our experience, we’re able to come into virtually any situation and make an immediate positive impact. We’re your advocate, reporting directly to you
and holding ourselves accountable for your success.

What our project partners have to say

“Tom is one of the most intelligent and innovative general contractors that I have ever worked with. Tom has the ability to manage his employees and subcontractors so that both groups want to do the best job possible. I would recommend Tom for any construction job.”

David Gross

Sr. Construction Accountant at Hernandez Construction