The insight to build right.

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is the latest advancement in design/build technology. In a nutshell, it creates a stunningly accurate 3D model of your build that details all the physical and functional aspects of your project. We see where every pipe leads, where every conduit runs, and where every square foot of material goes. We understand what each space is going to be used for and get an awesomely realistic vision of how everything falls into place—a representation conventional CAD cannot deliver.

Plus, using BIM, we can run build simulations before we break ground that will identify any potential inconsistencies between design and construction. Issues that can’t be seen looking at blueprints or CAD design, BIM catches every time.

We fix the problem. We enter the solutions into you BIM model. We re-run the simulation. We get a green light and begin your actual build confident there will be no major issues along the way. Because we found them and solved them with BIM.

If you have an elaborate or large-scale design/build job, the investment in BIM will more than pay for itself in cost and time savings.