Tom Telesco has led some of Miami’s largest and most challenging construction projects. He’s built many of the addresses that define this city and will bring his vast experience and proven build process to your job. You’ll get them with a level of personal service and involvement that define the Telesco name. You’ll get a team that’s delivered on the largest stage, now committed to delivering for you.

Major Build Experience

You learn a thing or two running $200 million jobs

You learn the value of precise preparation. You learn leadership begins with personal accountability. You learn how to make every day on the job site productive. And you learn  every dime spent better be accounted for and deliver results.

Telesco brings you experience leading builds for the American Airlines Arena, Espirto Santo Plaza, Aqualina Resort & Spa, Blue & Green Diamonds, 900 Biscayne Bay and other landmarks.

You get a team that cut its chops managing nine-figure budgets, thousands of workers, and hundreds of build partners every single day.

We get the job done. And we’ve proven it on the biggest jobs in Miami.

Individual Approach

Our owner sits across the table. Not across town.

Yes, we bring over $1 billion in construction experience to the table. But that table is in your office or in your home or on your site. Sitting across from you is our owner, Tom Telesco, and a team of senior managers. There is no “B” team or chain of command to navigate. The seasoned professionals leading your job are the same pros leading our company. They don’t change. They don’t disappear. They are on your site. They take your calls. They answer your questions. They are at your side — every day until the job is done.

Single-Source Provider

Full design and build services under one roof

Here’s a fact. Things run smoother when licensed architects and general contractors work under one roof. That’s why we offer a full design and build team at Telesco. Our architects review plans with our GCs to spot and fix potential build issues before construction begins. Our budgeting team works directly with design and build experts to pinpoint numbers and stick to them throughout the build. Before a plan comes to you it, it’s been vetted by our integrated team to be the most cost-effective and time-efficient way to get your job done. Period. And in the end, you get one invoice from one company, not a bunch of invoices from a bunch of companies.

If you have a ground up job, let us show you how our Design/Build Method will fast-track
your schedule, reduce costs and provide you with the best possible experience.

Design-Build Method

Traditional Method

Streamline your build lifecycle to maximize time, money and efficiency.
That’s how you Build Better.

The Perfect Process

Our expertise in a proven plan of action

Our expertise in a proven plan of action Telesco guides every job with five core principles instilled in us while working for the largest construction companies in Miami. We learned from the best in the business. We built our reputation running the biggest jobs in the city.

The Perfect Process leaves nothing to chance; ensures full transparency; keeps builds on track and budgets in check. That’s why we adhere to it on every Telesco build.

Cost/Benefit Analysis,

We start by examining the numbers against every detail of your plans. We’ll bring together all the subcontractors and other parties to review each facet of the build, as well as expectations for the finished product, to make sure we’re
delivering the right options, optimal timetables and best pricing for your specific vision and long-term requirements.

Defined Deliverables:

Once your build is green lit, we define every last deliverable required to complete it by cost, timing, materials, manpower, fabrication, subcontractors, permitting and more. You will receive a comprehensive binder that spells out your build, phase by phase and item by item, so you have a crystal-clear idea of what to expect, when to expect it, who’s doing it, and how it will get done.

Detailed Reporting:

As your build gets underway, progress and milestones are measured with detailed reports, so you know exactly where things stand on your job site at all times. Full transparency is the only way to gauge where things are working and where they might be falling short. We’ll sit with you to review these regular reports, and then take the appropriate action to keep your job on course.

Advanced Technology:

We employ the industry’s leading construction management technology and customize it to your specific job, so every drawing, spec, schedule, and expense is always accessible. We also use an advanced cloud-based accounting system to manage cash flow, ensure accurate billing, and guarantee every supplier receives prompt payment for a job well done.

Experienced Professionals:

Your build is personally led by our owner and founder, Tom Telesco, as well as a seasoned team of construction professionals. They’re on the job and on your site every day making sure things get done right. It’s a level of involvement few companies deliver and one we stake our reputation on at Telesco Construction.

What our project partners have to say

“Tom is one of the most intelligent and innovative general contractors that I have ever worked with. Tom has the ability to manage his employees and subcontractors so that both groups want to do the best job possible. I would recommend Tom for any construction job.”

David Gross

Sr. Construction Accountant at Hernandez Construction