The Perfect Process

Cost-benefit analysis, defined

Every Telesco job is guided by a four-tier process adopted from running $100- and $200- million builds. It leaves nothing to chance; ensures full transparency; keeps builds on track and budgets in check.

The Perfect Process is how jobs get done. We start with:

Cost/Benefit Analysis,

We start by examining your numbers and reviewing every detail of your plans to deliver a realistic assessment of your build before any work is begun.

Defined Deliverables:

Once we’re a go, we define every last deliverable required to complete your built by costs, timing, materials, manpower, fabrication and more. You get a book that spells out your build.

Detailed Reporting:

As your build gets underway, progress is measured with detailed reports, so you always know exactly where things stand.

Advanced Technology:

We track every penny, supplier and subcontractor using the latest accounting and project management software.

Experienced Professionals:

Your build is personally led by our owner and senior team. They’re on the job every day, making sure things are done right.