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Why Site Logistics Have to be Taken into Consideration During a Construction Project

You can’t just build anywhere

When planning a construction project, it certainly would be nice to be able to point to the ideal location on a map and just say “there.” But of course, things are rarely that easy. While a ton of work has to go into the design and construction of the building, there are many preliminary steps that have to be taken, and one of the first involves finding the best site.

This is where a design-build firm can be a great asset. Because the designers, builders, and everyone else work for the same firm, they can all collaborate to locate the right site for your building. A design-build firm can help you get answers to these four key questions:

What’s the topography like?

The topography of land involves its shape, elevations, and any natural features. A topographical examination has to be conducted to ensure that the land will be suitable for the building. If, for example, you were building a condo or another type of residential building, it might be prudent to put it on higher ground for the views.

How’s the soil?

Soil is incredibly important when it comes to any type of construction project; after all, it’s what the building will sit on. This is why when a piece of land is considered, the quality of the soil has to be inspected thoroughly. In order to create a good foundation, soil needs to be compact. If it’s moist or loose, stability will almost certainly be an issue. Rocky or clay soils can also cause issues, and they typically require more work to make the site safe for construction.

How much clearing will need to be done?

In a perfect world, the land you want to use will be an empty field just waiting for you to start building. More realistically, however, it will require a certain amount of work to get it ready. This could involve cutting down large trees, removing boulders, or even tearing down an existing structure. Any of these will bring added costs that have to be considered.

How accessible is it?

Even minor construction projects involve the use of several vehicles, and they have to be able to access the site easily. The same is true for large pieces of equipment and any materials that need to be brought in. A plot of land may be on the cheap side, but if it’s in the middle of nowhere, the added expense of travel and the hassle involved may not be worth it. In addition, it’s important to think about the people who will ultimately use the building and any accessibility issues they could run into.

To ensure your building is constructed on firm ground and will be able to operate as it should for as long as you like, trust the team at Telesco Construction to handle all site logistics. No matter what you want to build, our design-build firm will ensure it’s in the right place and that the area meets your needs. To get started, give a call at 305.390.0250 or just fill out our online contact form.