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Why Design-Build Project Delivery Trumps Traditional Delivery Every Time

The way it’s always been done doubles your troubles. Why do you want that?

It’s complicated. If you’re an owner getting ready to build, you’ve got to commit to two important relationships. You’ll be joined at the hip with your designer. You also have to develop a strong relationship with your contractor.

These are two separate contracts. As the owner, you become the middleman. And when the contractor has a problem with the designer’s plans, it’ll be your responsibility to find the solution. Neither of them will take the blame and any cost overruns and delays will fall on your shoulders. How can you sidestep this headache?

Break with tradition

There’s no longer any reason to separate the jobs of designing and contracting. A consolidated approach to construction saves time and money. It’s called Design-Build and it’s nothing more than a team approach to productivity. Consider the logical answers to these questions:

  • Why should you have separate conversations and relationships with architects and builders?
  • Aren’t they supposed to be working on the same project?
  • Wouldn’t it make more sense and save time if they were all on the same team, from the start?

The unified benefits of Design-Build

There’s no sacrifice to this combined method of construction. Design-build gives you, as the owner, a single point of contact for these two key phases of your project. The designer and the contractor become a single entity.

It’s also a unified source of responsibility. You no longer have to spend hours chasing down estimates, schematics, and other logistical construction points. Your design-build team manages all of these relationships for you.

Construction that’s smarter, and better

As the owner of the construction project, it’s your job to find ways to facilitate cooperation and agreement. That can be difficult when you’ve got a designer and a contractor who may have never worked together before. The challenge is magnified when you add the resulting layers of sub-consultants and sub-contractors brought in to get the job done.

Design-build takes a team approach. The architect doesn’t drop his plans on you and make an exit. He works with the builders brought in by the contractor. This holistic methodology means that both the design goals and the practicality of bringing them to life are explored at the very start of the project. Unforeseen costs and delays are avoided and the construction budget stays on track. So does the schedule.

Design-Build benefits

The traditional method to construction can frustrate you and consume your time. Why do you have to be the one who takes the contractor’s questions or concerns back to the designer? It seems as if much of your job is to act as an intermediary.

Construction projects with a design-build team sidestep these time-wasters. There’s more communication. What’s envisioned and designed is easier to build, as design and construction are happening concurrently. There’s only one selection phase, and the timeframe is shortened.

A single source means you also won’t have to navigate the conflicting recommendations and opinions from these two camps. In traditional builds, a contractor may tell you one thing and your designer will disagree. Then it’s your job (and your headache) to figure out which one to believe. In contrast, a design-build team will be on the same page before you are presented with options.

Teamwork comes up with unexpected solutions

The design-build approach removes limitations that constrict creativity and innovation. Construction shouldn’t be a slave to design, and a team approach allows for new tactics. Your design-build team may come to you with suggestions to use material and approaches that create something better than if they take a separate approach. The combined result will always be superior to a situation where these two entities had worked alone.

This collaboration paves the way for much deeper communication. And if there’s one thing that can quickly derail a critical construction deadline, it’s a group of subcontractors who don’t talk to each other and who haven’t been given the full picture of what’s being built.

On time, and on budget

Design-build reduces costs because it consolidates your resources. It might seem that there’s less flexibility to get the best prices because the bid process of general contracting gets removed. But the savings gained by efficiency is even greater, and they get passed on to you. Projects are completed faster, and with fewer change orders. Everybody’s on the same page. As the owner, you’ll spend less time managing the process. And your time is money.

When you’re ready for to use a design-build firm on your next project, contact Telesco Construction at 305.390.0250 or info@telescoconstruction.com. We are a full-service firm, providing every component of each project in house, without the need for separate entities, vendors or contracts. Our unique “all under one roof” business model means that you get a diverse and highly-skilled team dedicated to delivering exactly what you envision, without overruns and management of multiple contractors.