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What is Commissioning and What does it Mean for Your Building Project?

Find out why it’s important and how a design-build firm makes it easy

In pretty much every industry, a lot of lingo and jargon get tossed around. For those who’ve been in the same business for years, certain words and phrases become part of their everyday vocabulary. But for newbies or outsiders, it may sound like they’re speaking a foreign language.

Construction is one industry that has its own specific vernacular. And while a lot of it can be technical, it can usually be broken down in laymen’s terms. If, for example, you are planning to have a building constructed, you may have come across the term “commissioning.”

Commissioning is a fairly simple concept that actually dates back to the shipbuilding industry. Before a ship was deemed seaworthy, it had to undergo several assurance processes involving the materials used to build it, the navigation systems, and the crew.

The way commissioning is used today in construction isn’t that different than how it was utilized hundreds of years ago. When a building is first commissioned, it has to go through quality checks starting during the design phase and continuing through the construction and occupancy stages.

Commissioning is one of the main priorities of a design-build firm, and it’s typically a smooth process because everyone who works on a project operates under the same roof. The designers, architects, and contractors have a lot of experience working with one another and ensuring that all conditions are met before moving on to the next step.

What are the benefits of commissioning?

Greater control over costs and schedule

Because each stage of the construction process has to be thoroughly checked, this will decrease the chance of mistakes that could lead to costly changes and delays. Commissioning also makes it easier to control the construction schedule.

Fewer surprises

Commissioning makes sure that the building operates just as the owner planned and that the staff is ready to use and maintain all of the equipment and systems. This will reduce the likelihood of operational problems as well as occupant complaints.

Retrocommissioning and recommissioning

While commissioning is used for brand-new buildings, it can also be utilized for existing buildings. Retrocommissioning aims to improve the operation of an older structure by fixing issues that may have arisen when it was originally built or that occurred over time.

Recommissioning may take place when a previously-commissioned building needs to undergo the process again. This could be due to a change in ownership or as the result of a problem with operations.

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