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What Are the Benefits of Design-Build Construction?

And why you should choose it for your next build.

Today, more than 40 percent of construction projects are being delivered via the design-build method. Surprising? To many, it is a natural progression from the traditional approach, offering numerous benefits to the client and making the construction process smoother. Here is a look at the top benefits of design-build:

1. One team—many expert players

A design-build project means that instead of enlisting the services of numerous vendors and professionals, you work with one firm that handles all aspects of the build for you. A design-build firm will have in-house experts in architecture, general contracting, interior design, permits, and everything else necessary to begin and complete construction.

2. Continuity—every step of the way

Because a design-build firm is responsible for managing and following through on every phase of the process, there’s a higher level of continuity and accountability. All members of the team hold themselves responsible for the quality, budget, timeline, and all other facets of the project, and it’s unlikelier that details will be overlooked.

3. Collaboration—for a better end result

Design-build encourages and facilitates collaboration between everyone involved, from start to finish. From the architects and engineers to the the subcontractors and interior designers—both inspiration and the sharing of ideas and expertise are fostered throughout the build.

4. Enhanced communication—transparency and clarity

In an ideal world, the builder, architects, designers, and the owners would communicate effectively and openly, with complete transparency. And while that’s not always possible in every project, the design-build method makes it more likely, because there is one point of contact who is responsible for disseminating information, instructions, and feedback. Unlike traditional construction methods, there are few instances where “the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing”.

5. Smooth and seamless—decreasing stress on all counts

A full design-build firm alleviates the need for you to research and secure individual vendors and work with multiple parties on multiple levels. Chaos and confusion are vastly reduced, the project is handled in an effective and organized manner, and there is less stress for everyone involved.

6. Time is on your side—you’ll save a lot of it

This method of construction saves time throughout the entire process for a few reasons.
First, team members can work on different aspects of the build at the same time, eliminating much of the need for anyone to wait on anyone else before starting tasks. In addition, because design-build is an adaptive and responsive method, changes can be made more easily without disrupting the entire build, which saves time and generates efficiencies that can save money.

7. Knowledge of project cost—early in the game

The design-build method allows a firm to estimate construction costs more accurately and much earlier than in a traditional project. This clarity allows owners to rethink any decisions during the design phase, and to have a good understanding of what they’re going to be spending at the get-go.

Using a firm that provides design-build services provides many advantages for any build, and it is especially valuable during complex, high-end projects. Streamlining the process and running it through a single point of contact affords you a clear understanding of progress at all times, it generates efficiencies that make it easier to come in on time and budget, and all key aspects of the job are managed by professionals who will ensure the quality and overall success of the project.

When you’re ready for your next build, contact Telesco Construction at 305.390.0250 or info@telescoconstruction.com. We are a full-service design-build firm, providing every component of each project in house, without the need for separate entities, vendors or contracts. Our unique “all under one roof” business model means that you get a diverse and highly-skilled team dedicated to delivering exactly what you envision, without headaches, overruns, and management of multiple contractors. We’re united by your vision and dedicated to bringing it to life.