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Want to Go Green with Your Construction Project?

How a design-build firm can help you create a sustainable and environmentally-friendly building

When it comes to a construction project, there’s sort of a strange dichotomy between erecting a building and still being earth-friendly. But the two concepts don’t have to be mutually exclusive. There are things you can do that will allow you to have the structure you want, while at the same time thinking about the environment. And one of the best ways to accomplish this is by using a design-build firm.

A design-build firm will make your project as efficient as possible. Instead of using a variety of companies to get your building off the ground, the design-build alternative offers one team comprised of designers, architects, contractors, and everyone else instrumental to the build. This makes for a much smoother and more efficient process that will save time and money, and minimize the creation of construction waste.

One of the best reasons to go with a design-build firm is its unified approach. Everyone is on the same page from day one and will be able to address all of your environmental concerns. You will receive expert guidance on what you can do to make your building more sustainable, including:

Using the right materials

Nowadays, there are many building materials that are considered better for the environment. A renewed focus has been placed on the use of wood in many construction applications, for example, as it’s a renewable resource when sourced from suppliers that use sustainable practices. There are also many great flooring materials that are both environmentally-friendly and provide excellent insulation, including cork and bamboo. Even humble linoleum is good for the planet, as it lasts a very long time and can be entirely recycled.

Going with solar energy

Not only is solar a clean energy source, it is also becoming less expensive. Your design-build firm can work with you on pricing options and projections in efficiency gains during the initial plan, and figure out the best position for your building as well as where the solar panels should be placed to maximize power generation.

Installing energy-efficient windows

The right windows can make all the difference in energy savings. For example, choosing ENERGY STAR-certified windows can provide insulation that reduces electric bills by an average of 12 percent. Not only will this reduce costs in the long run, but lower power consumption will have a significant impact on lowering emissions of greenhouse gases.

Making efforts to conserve water

If you’ll be building a restaurant or another type of business that will involve the use of a lot of water, you can make sure that as little as possible is wasted. The installation of tankless water heaters, low-flow faucet aerators, and other fixtures and appliances, including EPA-labeled WaterSense products that are intended to conserve this vital resource, can make a large impact on overall usage and water bills.

Focusing on your roof

Your building’s roof will have a big impact on energy efficiency, especially in South Florida. This is why it’s important to choose a material that reflects the sun’s energy and holds less heat, such as slate, metal, or terra cotta. If you really want to go green, you may even consider a living roof, which uses plants that absorb rainwater and create natural insulation. Plus, nothing says “Earth-friendly” quite like a building covered in vegetation.

If you’re looking to create a structure that will have a minimal impact on the environment, get in touch with Telesco Construction. Our team has extensive experience with sustainability practices and we will use our knowledge to design and construct the most efficient building possible. At the same time, we’ll streamline the process so your project will be completed on time, within your budget, and with less waste. Give us a call at 305.390.0250 or contact us through our online form to get started.