The Problem With (Some) Architects

The Problem with (Some) Architects

Where have all the functional design solutions gone?

Architects are artistic—this we know. In fact, many of them begin their careers because of their love of art and their desire to create something beautiful. And while this is perhaps one of the fundamental necessities of being successful in the field, there’s been a trend developing over the last few years or so that’s harming the viability of some architectural firms in the business. Here’s a look at what we’re talking about:

Artistic pursuits

Architects who create drawings that are less technical and more esoteric and artistic sometimes cause a problem in the construction industry. Because while everyone can appreciate a beautiful piece of art, unless it can be used to build from practically, it’s not serving its purpose. Some speculate that there’s a desire among these professionals, more so today than in year’s past, to create a masterpiece that’s going to earn design awards. And although the main goal among architects is usually to see their brainchild brought to life in the form of a tangible, useful structure, some may be getting sidetracked by the allure of superficial accolades.

Relying on others

Another factor that’s adding to the decrease in viable architectural drawings is the reliance on others to produce them. Architects who hand off the task to contractors, drawing services, shop drawings, secondary drawings, or other entities aren’t taking a hands-on approach to completing the schematics. So instead of producing the effective documents needed to build, the product that’s sometimes being created is subpar, less technical, and ultimately impractical.

Misunderstanding of the technical aspects

To be successful, an architect must have an understanding of the technical aspects of the construction process and to create drawings that reflect them. Those who are determined to create designs that have an artistic value and no real functional value are doing a disservice to themselves and the client. Additionally, it’s key for architects to work closely with other professionals, including engineers, general contractors, designers, and manufacturers to ensure that a design is not just possible, but also doable with the resources and budget that are available.

We keep our heads in the game (and to the grindstone)

As a design-build firm, we understand the need for beauty and art to have a place in construction. But because we’re committed to bringing our client’s vision to fruition, we adhere to our mission and stay driven to the end result. And it’s this focus, throughout every facet of the build process, including the architectural design, that allows us to create with purpose and to produce practical, buildable designs.

Our architects, designers, and the rest of our team have this same level of clarity and drive, with the understanding that we’re in this business to create the reality that began as just a concept. And it’s this approach that ultimately allows us to build beautiful structures that not only encapsulate the vision of our clients, but are also completed on time and budget.

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