The Benefits Of Using A Design-Build Firm For Your Nightclub Project On

The Benefits of Using a Design-Build Firm for Your Nightclub Project

The party jumps off at E11evn Miami, designed and built by Telesco Associates and Telesco Construction.

Why having a full-service, all-under-one roof firm is the easiest way to get your club up and running

When you first dreamed of having your very own nightclub, your head was probably filled with images of colorful lights, rows of shiny bottles, maybe a disco ball. You could almost hear the thumping beat of the music as you imagined a bunch of happy people shaking their groove things all over your dance floor. And perhaps these visions made you decide to go for it. But what probably didn’t cross your mind were the logistics and all of the steps involved that would take you from nothing to a humming club with people lined up around the block wanting to get in.

One of the first things a prospective nightclub owner has to figure out –
after what to call it – is who is going to design and build your club. Traditionally, these jobs have fallen to two or more separate firms. These days, however, that doesn’t have to be the case. In fact, the entire process – from the initial drawing to the last nail – can be a much smoother one when a design-build firm is used. Here are the reasons why:

Complete Cohesion

With a design-build firm, all services are in-house. There’s no need to bring in outside parties and worry about how they’ll work together or communicate with one another. From day one, everybody will be on the same page, which will help eliminate problems. And if any do arise, since everyone is accountable, the team will all work together to find the solution.

The rooftop lounge at touché, designed and built by Telesco Associates and Telesco Construction.

The rooftop lounge at touché, designed and built by Telesco Associates and Telesco Construction.

Increased Efficiency

When you have to rely on multiple parties to get the job done, things can get sticky. Figuring out how to get people together to discuss the project can be like a juggling act, and as a result, a large amount of time can be wasted. This is never an issue with a design-build firm.

Best of Both Worlds

A design-build firm gives you access to both designers and architects. While a designer may know (or claim to know) all about architecture and vice versa, the pros at a design-build firm truly understand their roles, work seamlessly together as subject-matter experts, and will give you skilled guidance in each distinct area.

Better Communication

To keep tabs on your project, you of course want to know what’s going on every step of the way. When you are using contractors from different of firms, that can be tricky. It may be days before somebody returns your call, and by that time another issue may have come up that would require you to get in touch with somebody else … and then wait until they get back to you. This headache is avoided with a design-build firm, as there is only one point of contact.

Money Savings

Surely you know that creating a nightclub is an expensive proposition. This is why keeping costs low is probably a big priority. With a design-build firm, your expenses can be cut dramatically because you’re only paying one company who is dedicated to coming in on schedule. How? All of the people involved in the design and building process are under one roof, and components of the build can begin before all components of the design are even complete. This efficiency saves time on construction, and time is money for your new business.

Ready to make your nightclub dream a reality? Contact Telesco Construction at 305.390.0250 or We have extensive experience creating beautiful entertainment venues for some of South Florida’s hottest entertainment and dining spots, including the Rooftop Lounge at Touché, the Dewar’s Clubhouse at American Airlines Arena, Bongos Cuban Café, and E11even, Miami’s unique, 24-hour international cabaret, dayclub, nightclub, and after-hours experience.

Check out our in-depth video detailing this exciting, complex construction project:

Our full-service design-build firm consists of a talented team of professionals who have extensive experience in architecture, design, engineering, and general contracting. We’ll handle every aspect of your project from start to finish.