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The Advantages of Using a Full-Service Firm for a Government Construction Project

Artist’s rendering of the Miami-Dade Children’s Courthouse. Telesco Construction has furnished and installed the reinforcing steel in the foundation of this unique public building.

Improvements in these three key areas will result in a much smoother process

Let’s face it: When it comes to any type of initiative, the government doesn’t exactly have the best reputation. Because of all the legislative gridlock and red tape, lawmakers and bureaucracies are not known for getting things done quickly. This stereotype extends to projects that involve construction. Be it a new road, bridge, or courthouse, many people probably feel as though the phrase “on time and under budget” need not apply to a governmental undertaking.

But with the right partnership, that absolutely doesn’t have to be the case.

When a government office decides to go with a design-build firm for their project, everyone will be amazed at how easily everything progresses. Here are the ways the design-build process offers a breath of fresh air compared to the way things are traditionally done:


A big reason why it takes so long for a government project to even begin is the fact that many different contractors have to be involved and approved. They need to be found, contacted, and then given time to write up proposals and submit bids. Then there’s the negotiation process.

A design-build firm eliminates a lot of this gridlock. Every entity that will be working on the design and construction of the project is under one roof. There aren’t a dozen or more entities that have to be dealt with for every component of the project. Immediately, this streamlines the process.

Problem Solving

So much can go wrong and get tied up when many different companies have to work together. And often, when there’s a problem, the blame game is played, with everyone trying to cover their own backs. What happens when an issue arises in a design-build firm? The team immediately comes together to get it solved before it can become a bigger issue. One responsible entity, taking immediate responsibility and action.


One of the biggest benefits of a design-build firm is enhanced communication. The members of the firm know each other and have a lot of experience working together. They understand that communication in every aspect and phase of the job is vital to their success, and that’s why they make it a priority.

In addition, to keep tabs on a project, the government officials behind it obviously want to know how it’s progressing. Getting status updates can be very difficult and time-consuming with multiple firms. A manager might have to make several phone calls before they can get a clear report, and each one may be different depending upon who they talked with.

With a design-build firm, there will only be one main contact: the project manager. He or she will always be available to discuss what’s happening and provide detailed updates.

Forget “business as usual” for your next government building; a design-build firm gives you the best option to complete a project that the taxpayers will feel good about. No matter what your office has in mind, Telesco Construction can help you get it off the ground. Check out our current work on Miami-Dade Children’s Courthouse, for which we have furnished and installed the reinforcing steel in the foundation, and to learn more about our services, call us at 305.390.0250 or send us an email at