How A Design-Build Firm Can Help With Interior Design On

How a Design-Build Firm Can Help with Interior Design

The interior of Bongos Cuban Cafe.

Make sure the inside gets as much attention as the outside

In the beginning stages of any building project, it can be easy to get focused on both the big picture and the exterior details. After all, when you think about any building, be it the Empire State Building or your childhood home, chances are you picture the outside first.

The exterior offers an immediate impression and should, to a large extent, be a representation of what will be found inside. But in most cases, especially when a structure is built with a specific function or aesthetic in mind, the interior can be just as important.

Some commercial buildings, such as offices, mean the interior details may not be an overriding concern. For example, if you don’t know exactly what types of businesses may want to move in, a fit-up after construction may be in order to accommodate a certain company.

But let’s say you want to build a restaurant or hotel. Naturally, you will want the exterior to look amazing in order to draw people in. But the outside is just the icing on the cake. The real treat is when the doors open and folks see what you’ve got going on inside. And the interior can also have a big impact on the efficiency of your operation.

To get the right interior design for your building, you have a few choices:

Focus on the outside, worry about the inside later

Your main priority may to get the building up and then you’ll worry about the interior details. This isn’t always the best move, as the exterior structure plays a big role in all the components of a build. Once the structure is complete and you discover that major changes are needed inside, you may be looking at a lengthy and costly undertaking to change them.

Hope everyone you hire can work well together

Developers commonly need to get multiple contractors on the same page during the design and construction process. You will have to hire an architect, a contractor, and an interior designer, and then trust that they will be able to work with one another to merge your ideas and execute your vision. With everyone having their own strong opinions and individual focus, often this is much easier said than done.

Go with the pros at a design-build firm

A design-build firm is a great solution, as you instantly have everyone you need to complete your building, both inside and out. And unlike using several different outside contractors, everyone on a design-build team has experience working with everyone else – it removes most issues with communication, coordination, and problem-solving.

All aspects of the building are considered during every phase. The architects, contractors, and interior designers work closely together from day one to ensure efficiency.

In addition, the interior designers in a design-build firm are experts. They are masters of color, texture, and space, and know exactly how to maximize efficiency and visual appeal – getting it all done within the scope and timeline of the larger project.

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