Have An Idea For A Unique Or Complicated Construction Project? On Telescoconstruction.com

Have an Idea for a Unique or Complicated Construction Project?

A design-build firm can be your best option

When an idea for a build is first tossed around, it can be exciting – but it may also create a little trepidation. If, for instance, you have an idea for something new that nobody’s ever seen before or you want to squeeze a complex structure into a crowded skyline, you know you’re in for some obstacles.

This is why finding the right firm to bring your vision to life is critical. Multiple companies may tout effective individual services, but a design-build firm has fundamental advantages during complicated projects. Chief among them are the focus and organizational integration to accomplish extremely difficult builds with transparency and efficiency.

A design-build firm consists of everyone who will work on the project, including designers, contractors, and engineers. They’re all under one roof and will streamline the process by focusing on these three areas:


Many projects are straightforward; while a surprise or two may come up during the design or construction process, often they will go off (or up) without a hitch. However, not every build is that simple. For example, the land used for the building may not be perfect. Perhaps it’s small, oddly shaped, or presents environmental challenges. Maybe a unique supplier or unanticipated functional need calls for adaptation, requiring a quickly-executed change order. This is where the design-build experience is vital.

The professionals in a full-service firm have extensive experience working on a wide variety of projects; and if a new challenge crops up, they immediately put their heads together to figure out the best solution – and transparently and quickly communicate it to you.


Whether you’re building a house or an office building, no project will ever be done well without cohesion. Everyone involved has to be on the same page from day one. This is particularly vital for completing a project on time and within budget. It can be difficult enough getting two different companies to work together effectively, but when you add in several more, it becomes exponentially harder. This is not an issue in a design-build firm, as everybody knows their role right away and executes the project together.


Communication may be the most important element of a successful build. Everyone working on the structure has to be able to talk to one another easily and without any obstacles or cross-purposes. In addition, when you’re footing the bill, you’ll also want to stay in the loop and be able to speak with the project manager when necessary.

Communication can be tricky when several different firms are used to create a building. Because each one is focused on and prioritizes their specific task, they may not be very willing to reach out to another contractor, especially when they could be perceived as a competitor or an obstacle to completing an individual goal. With a design-build firm, however, communication is never a problem. Not only is everyone on the same team, they have shared goals and a great deal of experience working with each other.

If you have an idea for a new building that may be a little outside the box, get in touch with Telesco Construction. No matter what you have in mind, our full-service firm will work with you to create it – within your timeframe and on budget. To see what we’re capable of, check out our project page.