Does Your Construction Project Need Peer Review? On

Does Your Construction Project Need Peer Review?

Find out how one could save you time and money

Whatever someone decides to do – be it write a short story or paint a house – it usually pays to have another pair of eyes take a look at the work. An unbiased viewpoint will almost always be able to find things that the creator was just too close to see. This tactic is particularly important when a large investment is involved. And if you are planning a major construction project, a peer review could be in your best interests.

What is peer review?

Peer review is a process in which a construction project undergoes a thorough examination by third-party professionals who have experience in the industry. It is conducted by peers because they are more likely to be able to spot any errors or problems and offer the best solutions.

How peer review works

Peer review begins with the assessment of the plans and specs for a building. The areas that will be looked at closely include compliance with local building codes as well as standards of practice. During the design phase, reviews are performed to identify any potential construction defects and correct them. Common problems, among many, that a peer review can help avoid include:

  • Improper design
  • Issues related to waterproofing
  • Non-compatibility of materials
  • Problems concerning the subsidence of soil

The benefits of peer review

The obvious advantage of a peer review is that any problems can be identified and taken care of early on. When an error is spotted in a design, it can be changed or modified fairly easily. If the mistake is discovered during construction, this takes much more work to fix, which will result in delays and added expenses. Peer review is not a necessity with a construction project, but it is generally worth doing.

A design-build firm gives you another means to closely review construction projects

An additional way to save time and money on your construction project is to use a design-build firm. Instead of relying on a multitude of companies to get your building constructed, a design-build firm employs everyone you’ll need, including designers, architects, general contractors, and subcontractors.

And unlike different firms or specialties that would have to learn to work together (with a potentially unpredictable outcome), the members of a design-build firm have a lot of experience working with one another. Because of this familiarity, communication is always excellent. This helps in every phase of the project and – like a peer review – results in problems being spotted early and fixed quickly.

Trust Telesco for your next construction project

To make sure your building project goes off without a hitch, a peer review is a good idea, and a design-build firm gives you even more of a safeguard. If you want to get your building up with as few problems as possible, you can count on Telesco Construction. Our design-build has an established reputation for designing and constructing exceptional residential and commercial buildings that save owners time and money. To find out what we can do for you, call us at 305.390.0250 or send us an email at