Could Your Condo’s Common Area Use Some Work? On

Could Your Condo’s Common Area Use Some Work?

The lobby of the Blue & Green Diamond Condominiums, designed and built by Telsesco Associates and Telesco Construction

These enhancements are worth the investment

When people are in the market for a new home, they generally make a list of what they are looking for. It may include must-haves, along with dream items and deal breakers. For those wanting to buy a condo, something that may not be the top of their list is a quality, beautiful common area. Because it’s an area that they don’t own, it sometimes doesn’t get primary consideration.

But if a common area is shabby, sparse, or neglected, folks will definitely notice, and your condo will quickly get on the “deal-breaker” list. And if it’s beautiful, it can wow them. When this portion of your building isn’t making a great impression, it’s time to make some improvements.

Why are common areas so important?

Surely you’ve heard the old adage about only having one chance to make a first impression. And while a cliché, it’s still true, especially in real estate. Your condo could look absolutely stunning from the outside, but if a prospective buyer or renter walks in and is suddenly faced with a common area that doesn’t come close to matching the exterior, they’ll be sorely disappointed.

In addition to wooing potential buyers, a beautiful common area makes a statement to anyone who visits. Now, you may not be worried about impressing delivery people or friends of residents, but people talk. Word gets around, and your group spaces and entryway could be the catalyst for individuals clamoring to get a place in your building.

To greatly improve your condo’s common area, be sure to focus on these key areas:

Don’t be afraid to move or knock out walls, and add luxury accessories

The effective use of space is extremely important when designing the room that greets prospects and residents. A cramped, dark common area can date your condo and cheapen the perception of the entire building. So don’t be afraid to look at the design and your use of space from the ground up. Sometimes, removing (or moving) walls and strategically adding other architectural elements (such as pillars or even a fountain) can completely transform a space from a drab, functional area into a spacious, inviting entryway.


The right furniture can make all the difference in a common area. Of course, you want it to look good and be comfortable, but it should also match the aesthetic and style of the condo. It also needs to fit the space well. You don’t want the area to look cluttered, but you also don’t want it to be too minimalistic, unless that is a specific feature of your building’s design.


It’s very important that your common area provides a welcoming environment. If the walls are dull or dark, add a new coat of paint in a warm color. Think about putting up framed art or mirrors. Consider getting an area rug in an interesting pattern. Plants and flowers in decorative pots and vases can also quickly help create an inviting atmosphere.


What good is nice new furniture and décor if you nobody can see it? You may already have lights in a few places, but think about adding a table or floor lamp too, perhaps even a chandelier. And for truly spectacular lighting, the installation of recessed lighting, floor lighting, or other custom options can completely change the character of a room. Individuals who use the area – or simply walk through it every day – will definitely appreciate a well-lit area, especially if it contributes to quality, upscale ambience.

Whether you’re starting a condo project from scratch or just want to make some changes to your current building, it’s important not to neglect the common area. This is why working with the right construction firm is vital. A design-build firm, for example, has both exterior and interior design expertise and can craft an entry that will enhance your condo.

A design-build firm utilizes architects, contractors, and interior designers. They all operate under one roof, so everyone has the same goal in mind: to produce quality work in an efficient and timely manner.

At Telesco Construction, we understand that your common area should be unique to your condo. Our firm will help design it or determine the best ways to improve your existing space. The changes may be minor or they could involve a complete renovation of the space.

To get a feel for the type of work we’ve done, take a look at Miami’s South Point Towers. We completely renovated the lobby and common area hallways and installed a gorgeous cascading waterfall.

At 900 Biscayne Bay, we created a modern and stylish common area that perfectly captures the essence of this luxury residential building.

And speaking of luxury, check out the Blue & Green Diamond Condominiums. The floors, pillars, and lighting make this lobby sparkle like a ballroom.

If you’re ready to get started on a new design for your common area, contact Telesco Construction. Whatever you have in mind, we can make it happen. Call us at 305.390.0250 or send us an email at