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6 Essentials to Think About When Planning a Restaurant Build

Dining room of Touché Restaurant, designed and built by Telesco Associates and Telesco Construction

Don’t overlook these crucial details

The early stages of any construction project can be very exciting. With a blank canvas to work on, the sky is the limit when it comes to ideas and direction. This is especially true when the building will be used for more of a creative endeavor aimed at creating a memorable experience, such as a restaurant.

If you’re planning to build a restaurant, perhaps you have already thought about what you want it to look like, the theme, and even what will be included on the menu. However, there are quite a few other details that have to be considered before you can take that first reservation – namely, the construction and design elements that are essential to your establishment.

While these aren’t the sexiest things to think about, they are important nonetheless, and there are ways to make them both functional and fantastic.


Of course your restaurant won’t stand without them, but aside from those that are load-bearing, walls also need to be functionally spaced to speed operations and set the proper ambience in your restaurant, as well as be easy to clean. In addition, the right finishes have to be applied, as well as sealants to keep out any insects or rodents. And colorful and visually-appealing finishes can really make an impression on your patrons.

The walls in Bongos Cuban Café add to the vibrant atmosphere

The walls in Bongos Cuban Café add to the vibrant atmosphere


The floors used in the kitchen, bathrooms, or anywhere else where there could be spillage should be constructed of a non-absorbent material that can be cleaned easily. If the dining room will have carpeted elements, these sections also need to be able to be cleaned and maintained without a hassle.


Touché’s rooftop lounge, featuring a distinctive ceiling


Just like the walls and floors, ceilings need to be smooth and made of non-absorbent materials that are easy to clean. But that doesn’t mean they have to be boring. Interesting designs, including vaulted ceilings or even a slope can have patrons craning their necks to gaze at your unique space.


Storage is a crucial component of a restaurant. All food has to be stored in the proper place to speed operations and with the necessary refrigeration. Any chemicals or cleaning products need to be kept separate to avoid possible contamination. Garbage also needs its own distinct storage area. Each of these areas have to be constructed so that the components will be at least six inches off the floor for cleaning and inspection purposes.


Surely you know your restaurant will need bathrooms, but you may not have realized all of the specifications that are involved. First, they need to be placed in an area that can be accessed without customers having to walk through areas where food is prepared or stored or where utensils are washed or kept. Bathrooms are also required to have adequate ventilation. In addition, they need to be designed to accommodate patrons with special needs.


All lighting has to be installed in a way that the bulbs can be shielded in order to avoid glass shatter, which could end up in the food or otherwise cause injury. But once you’ve got that covered, you can be as creative as you like. White light is fine, but don’t be afraid to mix it up.

There’s a light show every night at E11EVEN Miami

There’s a light show every night at E11EVEN Miami

You may be dreaming of what your restaurant will look like on opening night, but to get there, you’ll need a firm that understands everything that goes into building it. That’s where Telesco Construction comes in.

We’re a design-build firm, which means that we employ everyone who will work on your project. From the initial sketch to the last nail that gets hammered in, we can handle everything with a team that is all under one roof, and we’ll do it better and more efficiently than a collection of separate firms. Check out some of our past projects, including Touché Restaurant and Bongos Cuban Café, and then contact us to get started.