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4 Common Problems That Can Arise During a Construction Project

And what you can do to avoid them

Anything that gets built – from one of those tiny houses to a giant skyscraper – almost inevitably runs into some sort of problem during the creation process. Whether in the design phase or when construction actually begins, chances are something will come up that could impact the plan. To prevent any major delays during your project, it’s vital to pay attention to these four areas:

Set expectations

The early stages of a project can be very exciting. No matter what the building may be, surely you have a lot of ideas and notions about what it should look like and how it will function. This is why it’s important to get everybody you will be working with on the same page, right from the beginning. All of the expectations need to be agreed upon and – here’s the key part – put in writing. Anything promised that isn’t included in a contract isn’t binding.

Painstaking review of contracts

Speaking of contracts, they require close attention. In addition to setting expectations, contracts need to outline everything involved in the project, including the scope of work, liability, dates, costs, and payment agreements. And before you sign off on anything, all agreements need to be reviewed carefully by the project manager, the owner, and legal representation. You don’t want to realize later that an important component was incorrectly worded or left out entirely.

Be prepared for changes

Your project will almost certainly need changes at some point after it’s underway. This could be due to a number of factors, such as an unforeseen issue with the land, zoning requirements, or perhaps the nature of the building needs to be modified. And while you will need to talk to all responsible parties about the changes, it can be all too easy for someone to agree to something and then forget about it later.

This is why any alterations have to be carefully documented. Often any kind of change can affect multiple areas and aspects of the project, including pricing and delivery dates. It is crucial that everyone who could be affected by the new work signs off on any updated contracts or orders.

Building Codes

Nothing can shut a project down quicker than failing to comply with building codes. Not only should contractors be very familiar with local codes, it is essential that they stay current on them. Building codes are usually updated every few years, and just because something may have been valid on their last project, that doesn’t mean certain requirements haven’t changed.

Once your building is up, it will need to be inspected, and unless everything is in compliance with local laws, the inspector won’t sign off on it. In this instance, time and money will be wasted on things that should have been addressed from the get-go.

The solution to all of these requirements

An easy way to avoid these problems during your project is by hiring a full-service, design-build firm. With a design-build outfit, everyone – from designers to architects to contractors – is on the same page and working for one company. There’s no need to use a half-dozen different firms to get your building off the ground when everybody’s under one roof. It means you can count on excellent communication between team members to solve problems or prevent them entirely.

Any sort of construction project is a big undertaking. To make sure yours goes smoothly from beginning to end, get in touch with Telesco Construction at 305.390.0250 or info@telescoconstruction.com. Our design-build firm will get it done right.