“The toughest thing about the power of trust is that it’s very difficult to build and very easy to destroy.”

-Thomas J Watson

See What Our Project Partners Think Of Us

Relationships have been the key to our past success and are the foundation our future is built upon.

Robyn Weiss-Garcia

Tom is an effective manager, has great people skills, management skills, very knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with.

Robyn Weiss-Garcia

Consultant & Prolog Implementation

Carlos Navarro

I have had the opportunity to work with Tom in the past. He is a great team player and an excellent construction manager. I know him to be a very knowledgeable professional who uses his many years of experience in a productive and proactive way.

Carlos Navarro

Suffolk Construction


I have found Tom to be extemely professional. His attention to detail far surpasses many colleague I have worked with. Tom has my mutual respect for the huge projects that he has been involved with and the effort it took to complete them.

Eric C. Wilson

Construction Director at Dacra Development


Tom is one of the most energetic people I have ever met and has great attention to detail and understands prompt conflict resolution keeps projects on schedule. I admire most about Tom are his high values. He is always honest and fair.

Frank Fonseca

President, HJ Foundation


Tom is an outstanding construction professional. His breath of experience and knowledge on all aspects of construction make him an invaluable asset to any size project he is associated with.

Carlos Rivero

Constructor at MDT


Tom is a very detailed oriented person. His skills, experience and intellect make him a great professional, always willing to help everybody in the team in order to finish the job successfully. For all the above reasons I consider Tom is a valuable asset for any organization.

Gabriela Toledo

Civil Engineer


I’ve known Tom for over 10 years. He is top notch in all aspects of his professional and personal life. He is a pleasure to know, refer and be friends with.

Pepi Cancio

C&C / Tilt-up Plus


Tom has a well rounded understanding of the construction industry including local Subcontractor base, construction techniques/practices, design team coordination, Owner/Client services and has the capability to handle a multitude of issues relating to these inter-relationships.

Jim Farrell

LEED AP BD+C, VP Glenewinkel Construction


Tom is extremely bright, knowledgeable, dependable and an unparalled problem solver. He not only performed his duties admirably, but took over many superintendent functions coordinating the trades, suppliers and the City of Miami.

Brian Sharp

President at the Sharp Company


I have been associated with Tom for the past 13 years. Tom is a take charge guy and will take the project to the goal. I would not hesitate to put Tom in charge of any project no matter how large and sleep good at nigtht knowing he was there.

Michael Mc Tee



I would recomend Tom for his dedication and knowledge of the industry on any project that he may endevour, whether it be a small tenant refit or a high-rise tower in excess of 200 million.

David Bagnall

General Superintendent , Plaza Construction


Tom is an excellent construction manager. Sensitive to time and costs. His ability to see problems early makes him understand the upcoming issues early so jobs can finish on Time and in Budget. I highly recommend Tom for any leadership role on large projects.

Christian Lipke

Executive, Plaza Construction


Tom is one of the smartest and hardest working people in construction. If he is working for you, you count on have the job done quickly, accurately and professionally.

Glenn Fidje

Vice President at SilverStein Properties


Working with Tom was always a pleasure and with his eye for detail, we always felt comfortable that all bases were covered on budgets. He is a very influential leader, and handled any manpower issues with ease.

Jhon Lunsford

Sr Estimator, Kaufmon Lynn Construction


Tom was energetic, motivated proffesional, he was fair and detailed in all my dealings with Tom. I would highly recommend his services to any potential client, works well with others, a team player.

Tom Welsh

VP at Pro-Tech Caulking & Waterproofing Inc


Tom is one of the most intelligent and innovative general contractors that I have ever worked with. Both projects that we worked on were very large and complex. Both were finished on time with client satisfaction. I would recommend Tom for any construction job.

David Gross

Construction Accountant at Swire Properties


Tom is extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of our industry. His has the ability to adapt to changing conditions and still provide the quality needed in the best interest of his clients. I do not hesitate in recommending Tom for any job.

Steve ZurSchmiede

Turner Construction CPM Team


I had the pleasure of working with Tom on a very large project in Miami a few years ago. He was always good at attempting to satisfy the needs of the client and consultants while not sacrificing any professional integrity.

Bill Yanko

Structural Engineer at US Forensic


I met Tom while developing 900 Biscayne for Terra Group. Tom was the linch pin that kept the project going and in the right direction. I recommend him and his company for any construction job as he can handle any type of project you may have.

Rene Gonzalez

Principal Partner at GA | Gonzalez